NDC via AirGateway vs. NDC via GDS comparison
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NDC via AirGateway vs. NDC via GDS comparison

Commercials of NDC vs. EDIFACT
During the NDC transition, agencies are faced with a decision of choosing an NDC partner for years to come. Because accessing NDC content under agency's IATA can be performed using various channels, we have summarized the one of the main aspects above - the commercials. Most agencies already know about the EDIFACT surcharges airlines have put in place which are often quite significant (we have summarized the topic of the changing Airline Distribution Landscape in an article here). Apart from the advantages when it comes to the functionality of NDC (such as Automated Rebooks and Refunds resulting in eliminating possible ADMs) or NDC exclusive content present with many carriers (American Airlines has currently removed 55% of their content away from EDIFACT), the price differentiation is presenting another argument for NDC as a distribution channel preferred by the airlines.

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NDC via AirGateway vs. GDS NDC
What some agencies are not aware of is the fact that booking content via GDS NDC solutions also comes with a Distribution Surcharge. This NDC surcharge differs per airline, usually ranging between 2€ - 4€ and is most often applied per each segment booked via GDS NDC solution. Due to this model, the surcharge grows exponentially with more complex bookings. With AirGateway, agents can always book the Net NDC fare as it is available in the carriers' NDC channel, afterwards paying 1€/issued booking no matter the number of segments or PAX and including all Servicing. The Distribution Cost Charges vary based on carriers' terms and conditions, for further information about carriers' conditions please check these documents by Lufthansa and British Airways.

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AirGateway provides a user-friendly agent desktop BookingPad powered by a comprehensive aggregated API. Agencies are able to effortlessly Shop, Book, and fully Service flights and ancillaries, all within a single screen interface. The platform guarantees instant confirmation from the airline’s NDC system, streamlining the agency’s operational workflow.

AirGateway delivers a consistent user experience combined with an easy Mid/Backoffice reporting with Remarks (using AIR/MIR/IUR files), Traveler and Corporate Profile Management, and comprehensive Order Management for all NDC bookings.

BookingPad offers a convenient and hassle-free transition to NDC while solving many fragmentation painpoints agencies face on this journey.