AirGateway brings the next generation of travel distribution to Airlines, Sellers, and Tech Providers

AirGateway offers real-time aggregated content for 25+ NDC airlines. 
Shop, Book, and Fully Service your NDC in one single API/Agent Desktop.

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Full end-to-end Travel Agent Desktop
Shop, Book, Issue, and Fully Service your NDC content on one screen
Up and running within 48 hours

AirGateway API

AirGateway API

Single API with full NDC functionality for +25 NDC carriers and other providers
Suitable for TMCs, Consolidators, TOs, and all types of managed travel sellers
Minimal integration effort with the most complete coverage on the market

A new way of booking airline content brings new challenges. 
We solve them for you:

Airlines want to bypass the GDS, not Travel Agencies. They incur significant costs for each ticket booked via GDS and offset these costs through "GDS surcharges" by making GDS content much more expensive. 

Avoid these costs by booking NDC content of 25+ airlines on a single platform with AirGateway.

Platform Capabilities

Downstream Reporting

We create GDS-format files (AIR/MIR/IUR) that are seamlessly accepted by your Mid/Back-Office. Fully automated with no manual efforts.

Moreover, you can fully customize your Remarks Templates.

Full Servicing

Access a full range of servicing functionalities for each provider.

Perform fully automated Date Changes and Refunds with instant confirmation.

Add Ancillaries, Void tickets, and handle Disruptions.

Traveler and Corporate Profiles

Use our built-in profile management solution or access your Umbrella profiles.

Shop for Corporate Fares using corporate discount codes.

Get manager and travel approvals through Approval Management Process.

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