Introducing BookingPad Academy - your guide to NDC
BookingPad Academy

Introducing BookingPad Academy - your guide to NDC

AirGateway takes pride in engaging with the community of travel agents, helping out companies struggling with NDC, and in being transparent about our solutions, capabilities, as well as pricing.

With the NDC topic gaining even more traction in the past months, travel agencies stand before the task of transforming parts of their business to avoid paying GDS surcharges and losing access to the content of some carriers. At AirGateway, we completely understand that NDC can be a confusing topic, especially when agents are used to working with other platforms (mostly GDS-centric) for a substantial part of their time in business. It's not just changes and challenges, but there are indisputable advantages NDC technology brings and that agencies can and should take advantage of. That’s the reason we decided to launch a content series about BookingPad, our agent desktop tool. 

We will highlight key features and functionality as well as explain how to avoid disruptions to the agency's operations and processes. More specifically, we will look at the crucial topic of Servicing NDC content, the way we bring your direct NDC + other content sources onto one screen, how we seamlessly integrate with your established Mid/Back-office system, and much more.

The goal of this series is to dive deeper into what NDC and aggregated shopping brings to the world of airline distribution, debunk some myths concerning its capabilities, and hopefully explain why AirGateway is being trusted by partners and customers around the world.

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