Travelport EDIFACT and direct NDC content in one screen
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Travelport EDIFACT and direct NDC content in one screen

The increasing fragmentation of air distribution channels and their limited interoperability is one of the main obstacles agencies face during the ongoing NDC transition. Paired with often limited Servicing capabilities and non-existent downstream reporting of most available platforms, the complications grow into desperation. With carriers around the globe announcing their NDC strategies, removing parts of their content from EDIFACT and surcharging the rest, the ability to access and compare all available fares on one platform becomes critical. As such, our team has worked intensely to bridge these gaps and are now delighted to announce the introduction of Travelport EDIFACT content into our platform!

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NDC side-by-side with EDIFACT

With our Travelport integration, agents can now compare their Travelport content with the most extensive collection of direct NDC connections on one screen including special fares (Negotiated, Private, Corporate, Tour Operator, etc.) using both our agent desktop tool BookingPad and AirGateway API.

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When the same itinerary is offered by multiple providers (e.g. NDC carrier, Travelport, or consolidator), they are visually grouped on the same offer card allowing the travel consultant to easily compare prices and fares without leaving the screen or performing several search actions. Selecting the offer most suitable for the customer and the agency, the booking flow is unified no matter which provider is selected ensuring a streamlined user experience and a quick learning curve.

Taking advantage of our built-in profile management solution or alternatively accessing Traveler and Corporate Profiles through Umbrella Faces (also implemented in BookingPad), BookingPad aims to preserve the agency's established processes. The same goes for Downstream Reporting => using fully-customizable Remark Templates and by generating AIR/MIR/IUR files (just like the GDS), all orders are automatically synchronized with the agency's Mid/Backoffice solution.

Amadeus agencies covered as well

Agencies using the Amadeus Selling Connect Platform can also achieve a single-screen fare comparison between EDIFACT and NDC using our recently launched BookingPad Browser Extension.

About AirGateway

With AirGateway's user-friendly BookingPad and comprehensive aggregated API, agencies gain the ability to effortlessly shop, book, and service flights and ancillaries, all within a single screen interface. From voiding, cancellations, refunds, rebooking, to efficiently managing airline disruptions, our platform guarantees instant confirmation from the airline NDC system, streamlining your operational workflow.

Join AirGateway today and unlock access to the widest array of NDC content available, including easyJet and other prominent airlines. Experience the convenience of our unified platform, providing a seamless and hassle-free transition to NDC while seamlessly integrating with your existing downstream processes.

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