The AirGateway Platform

Agencies can connect to the AirGateway platform through the Bookingpad Agent Tool direct API or via API partners. All options can be contracted and used in parallel and offer the same NDC content. This means a reservation made through one interface can be changed or serviced through another, and vice versa.

Our Platform Features

  • Real-time aggregated shopping for +25 enabled NDC airlines
  • Full NDC capabilities: Shopping, Booking, Instant/deferred Issuing, Automated refunds, Automated rebooks, Order Voiding.
  • Instant confirmation of issuance, rebooks and refunds.
  • Full range of fare families and fare types including published, negotiated, corporate, tour-operator, etc.
  • Downstream interface ensuring support of legacy reporting processes (based on AIR, MIR, and IUR files)
The AirGateway Platform