Ryanair content now available on AirGateway, facilitated by Kyte
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Ryanair content now available on AirGateway, facilitated by Kyte

Europe’s largest airline - Ryanair is now available to book on AirGateway’s BookingPad and API.

Kyte is an approved distribution partner of Ryanair. Through Kyte’s standardised API, AirGateway’s clients can now offer Ryanair’s flights, ancillaries and bundles to their corporate customers.

Thanks to this collaboration, AirGateway’s corporate travel partners gain access to Ryanair’s industry leading low fares and network with 235+ destinations, ensuring efficient low-cost travel for businesses.

Agencies around the world can now conveniently access and book a wide range of Ryanair fares and bundles (including Plus and Flexi Plus), as well as seats or additional ancillaries such as Priority Boarding and secure optimized service for their travelers, without worrying about data inconsistencies, interruptions and breaking carrier's T&Cs.

Alice Ferrari, CEO and Co-founder of Kyte says:

We are excited that Kyte will be the conduit for Ryanair’s industry leading low fares for AirGateway’s travel agency partners. The SME market is the fastest-growing segment and still incredibly fragmented. We are pleased to be working with AirGateway in enabling access to this strategic portion of the market segment for Ryanair.

Jorge Díaz, CEO of AirGateway adds:

We are extremely happy to announce this collaboration with Kyte, enabling us to access the content from Ryanair, precisely at a moment when they are redefining their strategy with travel sellers. This airline-permitted API integration delivers the full range of fares and ancillaries made available for travel sellers without any hassle or a downturn for the traveller, which is always our preferred way to work with travel providers.

About Kyte

Kyte is an API-driven marketplace enabling airlines and travel sellers to seamlessly connect and do business outside of the GDSs. Kyte’s standardized interface removes the cost and complexity around individual airline API integrations whilst allowing users to focus on putting more options and flexibility in the hands of the consumer.

About AirGateway

AirGateway provides a user-friendly agent desktop BookingPad powered by a comprehensive aggregated API. Agencies are able to effortlessly Shop, Book, and fully Service flights and ancillaries, all within a single-screen interface. The platform guarantees instant confirmation from the airline’s NDC system, streamlining the agency’s operational workflow.

AirGateway delivers a consistent user experience, easy downstream (Mid/Backoffice) reporting with Remarks, Traveler and Corporate Profile Management, and comprehensive Order Management for all NDC bookings.

BookingPad offers a convenient and hassle-free transition to NDC while solving many fragmentation pain-points agencies face on this journey.

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