New BookingPad Website launched

New BookingPad Website launched

We have taken the time of the pandemic to review, rebuild, and relaunch our value-proposal for the TMCs that are looking for a new partner with whom to build their GDS-independent technology strategy for the next generation of managed corporate travel.

For this purpose we have focused our efforts on three levels:

  • Product level: We are working on a set of features and services that enables TMCs to streamline their business workflows and establish a more efficient. The most relevant event in this roadmap is that we will be launching very soon (Q1 2021) our SBT/CBT allowing both travel requests and self-booking.
  • Content level: In addition to our NDC content extended coverage, we have already added an LCC content provider (TripStack), a multi-airline provider (Hahn Air) to our existing offering and we are working hard in our first GDS integration. (Soon to be disclosed).
  • Partnerships level: We keep working hard in building down-stream integrations with more Mid/Backoffice partners in order to cover as much. We will be announcing soon our first partnerships in South Africa, the US, and the Nordic region.

Additionally, we have made our commercials crystal-clear and public in order to facilitate the TMCs understanding of the content distribution landscape, especially confusing and obfuscated when it comes to New Distribution Capability.

Feel free to visit our Brand New Bookingpad Website here:

If you are interested to learn more or arranging an online call/demo, please follow this link.