New AirGateway website is launched

New AirGateway website is launched

Our team is delighted to announce that our new AirGateway website has been launched. This redesign is built to reflect on the development of services of AirGateway as an NDC aggregator while staying true to our values of transparency and accessibility.

As our product capabilities have been expanding significantly during the past months, we tailored our new website to reflect how we solve the needs of our customers and partners. Interested parties can now visit the product pages of our solutions - Agent Desktop Tool BookingPad and AirGateway API - and learn more about how we help agencies and travel providers with the fragmentation and operational challenges surrounding NDC content in the new distribution era.

Part of our identity and mission has always been transparency in the things we do. Therefore this new website features straightforward access to the list of content providers we aggregate and their detailed functionality, as well as a list of API Partners, Mid/Back-office Partners, and Travel Consortiums we are proud to be in collaboration with. On top of that, our Pricing Plans are comprehensive and public.

Among other things, NDC brings a level playing field to the industry that has been monopolized for decades. We are proud to publish all the key information any agency needs to make an informed selection decision - content coverage, product functionalities, and price.

Thanks to the whole AirGateway team for the hard work and determination in the process of the website redesign!