LATAM airlines content is now live in the AirGateway NDC platform
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LATAM airlines content is now live in the AirGateway NDC platform

AirGateway is proud to announce that the AirGateway NDC platform now includes the NDC content and offerings of LATAM Airlines. This means that the airline is now part of the comprehensive content available in the AirGateway API and Agent Desktop solution, BookingPad, which is accessible to all IATA accredited agencies.

This development marks a significant milestone for AirGateway, which provides real-time aggregated shopping for more than 27 NDC airlines, and complete servicing capabilities in one unified API/Agent Desktop.

By addition of LATAM Airlines, AirGateway's solutions now cover an even broader range of airlines in the Americas, including major carriers such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, Avianca and Hawaiian Airlines. In addition to direct NDC content, AirGateway also provides access to aggregated and consolidated content through its partners.

With LATAM's announcement of surcharging their content in GDS in May and making some content available exclusively in NDC throughout 2023 the AirGateway platform is the place that helps you keep your processes intact and access better fares while seamlessly integrating with agencies' Mid/Backoffice systems, allowing for a smooth transition to NDC. Combined with the fact that other providers in the region such as Copa Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Avianca or American Airlines already have similar content and price differentiation policies in place, the Americas are becoming another NDC hotspot after Europe.

AirGateway's BookingPad and aggregated API allow agencies to Shop, Book, and Service flights (adding ancillaries, voiding, cancellation and refunds, rebooking, and airline disruption management) on a single screen, with instant confirmation from the airline NDC system.

About AirGateway

AirGateway is a Berlin-based travel tech company and one of the leading IATA NDC (New Distribution Capability) aggregators. It is directly connected to more than 25 airlines, serving more than 200 IATA-accredited agencies in more than 25 countries both via API and an end-to-end Agent Desktop solution.

The AirGateway open platform also allows other partners such as booking tools, travel mobile app providers, traveler profile management tools, reporting tools or mid/back office systems to participate in the NDC value proposition, facilitating easy transition of all its legacy processes to the agencies.

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