Grupo Iris is now certified by AirGateway to bring NDC content closer to agencies

Grupo Iris is now certified by AirGateway to bring NDC content closer to agencies

Spanish technology company Grupo Iris and AirGateway announce the successful certification for access to AirGateway platform and the distribution of flight inventory +30 airlines through the NDC (New Distribution Capability) channel.

AirGateway is a technology company whose objective is to facilitate access for industry players to the new flight distribution model, NDC, developed by IATA. It is worth noting that AirGateway currently has direct integrations with more than twenty airlines, while continuously working to incorporate new integrations.

Grupo Iris, true to its commitment to offer the most varied, scalable, and technically reliable products in its online engines, has decided to integrate with other aggregators that provide flights through this channel, with AirGateway being the first to be implemented and certified for this purpose. Thanks to this integration, Grupo Iris's flight engine expands the portfolio of airlines accessible through this new channel, previously only including Iberia and Vueling.  

We were aware that the sector increasingly demands access to the NDC content of airlines that have already joined this, not so new, distribution channel, especially when some companies have even begun to withdraw their cheapest fares from traditional channels. We have made an effort, and now we can affirm that we are very close to making all this content available to our customers, thanks to the recent certification by AirGateway.

says Grupo Iris CEO, Juan Torres.

Jorge Díaz, CEO of AirGateway, adds:

As NDC content becomes more important for Travel Tech companies, such as Grupo Iris, and more airlines announce initiatives to modernize their distribution technologies, our Added value as an NDC aggregator counting more than 30 NDC airlines today is becoming more obvious and even for companies that have implemeted some direct NDC connections understand to what extent we simplify and facilitate access to the new generation of airline distribution without implying costs on the rates as the traditional players in the industry are doing

Along with AirGateway's NDC content, Grupo Iris's flight engine will continue to offer direct connections to the main GDS (Amadeus, Travelport, or Sabre), TravelFusion, as well as Iberia and Vueling NDCs, so that users can obtain flight proposals from all these providers in a single search. 

For more information about accessing NDC content via your Grupo Iris platform, please SignUp here and our team will be in touch with you.

About AirGateway

AirGateway is a Berlin-based travel tech company and one of the leading IATA NDC (New Distribution Capability) aggregators. It is directly connected to more than 28 airlines, serving 250+ IATA-accredited agencies in over 40 countries, both via API and an end-to-end Agent Desktop solution Bookingpad. AirGateway's open platform also allows other partners such as booking tools, travel mobile app providers, traveler profile management tools, reporting tools or mid/back office systems to participate in the NDC value proposition, facilitating the easy transition of all its legacy processes to the agencies. 

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