GlobalStar Announces Partnership with AirGateway to Provide NDC and LCC Air Content

GlobalStar Announces Partnership with AirGateway to Provide NDC and LCC Air Content

GlobalStar Travel Management has today announced a global partnership with AirGateway. The agreement provides GlobalStar Partners with access to NDC and LCC air content via AirGateway’s Agent Desktop tool BookingPad.

Julian Russell, Executive Director IT and Supplier Relations at GlobalStar comments: 

Our new partnership with AirGateway is a positive step towards providing our Partner network with choice when deciding how they book and service NDC content on behalf of their clients. AirGateway’s platform allows our Partners to by-pass additional surcharges, while providing a consistent workflow and full servicing capabilities across a broad range of carriers.

AirGateway enable full access and end-to-end servicing of NDC content for over 28+ Airlines under the agency’s IATA/BSP as well as low-cost and consolidated content. The AirGateway platform provides a single interface to Shop, Book, Issue, and fully Service NDC airlines, with the bookings automatically reporting through to the TMC’s Mid/Back-Office to help standardise billing and reporting.

Jorge Díaz, CEO of AirGateway states: 

We are especially thrilled to reach this agreement with a partner network like GlobalStar, whose global spirit is part of their DNA. We trust this will help us on our mission to bring NDC-based distribution to every corner of the three relevant regions at a global scale.

Francesco Deluca, Regional Director EMEA Omega World Travel UK – GlobalStar UK Partner and a long time client of AirGateway commented:

We were one of the earlier adopters of AirGateway in the UK and our experience has been extremely positive. Their team has consistently demonstrated strong technical expertise, and continuous focus in developing and adapting to airlines slow progress in the NDC space.

Codruța Popescu, Managing Director Go Travel – GlobalStar Romania Partner kindly added:

Go Travel (GlobalStar Romania) has had the privilege of working closely with Air Gateway, and their contributions have significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and promptness in an era marked by dynamic changes in aviation, particularly with the emergence of New Distribution Capability. Air Gateway has consistently demonstrated their commitment to streamlining processes and improving workflows. Their innovative solutions have proven instrumental in navigating the complexities of modern aviation, especially as NDC continues to evolve. By leveraging their platform, we have been able to effectively manage our resources, optimize our distribution channels, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing landscape. One of the most commendable aspects of AirGateway is their dedication to understanding the unique needs and challenges of their clients. We have had numerous meetings sharing our clients’ needs and they have proved the ability to tailor their services to suit specific requirements. Step by step, they have implemented important features like adding frequent flyers codes for individual travellers but also for the companies (for the moment Air France/KLM & BA), assuring a smooth tracking of their trips, dates changes, VOID, refunds etc. Also, AirGateway Chrome extension is very helpful, as the consultants have the information displayed in the same screen, both GDS and NDC.

About GlobalStar Travel Management

GlobalStar Travel Management is a worldwide travel management organisation, operating in more than 2,500 locations in over 55 countries. Championed by consistent service levels and cohesive solutions anywhere in the world. GlobalStar is made up of a network of hand-selected, highly experience and skilled Travel Management Companies.

About AirGateway

AirGateway is a Berlin based facilitator for the NDC age in the air travel distribution industry. We help agencies from 40+ countries navigate the NDC transition by bringing all of their content into a unified platform (accessible both via API and Agent Desktop tool BookingPad), while seamlessly integrating with their established downstream processes.