Emirates NDC Content made available through our travel aggregation platform
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Emirates NDC Content made available through our travel aggregation platform

AirGateway is happy to announce the addition of the NDC content and offerings of Emirates (EK) to the growing number of airlines that are supported by our travel distribution platform. With this addition our partners will be able to shop, book, issue, service (cancel & refunds, changes, and handle disruptions) and selling the full array of ancillaries provided by the airline - side by side with the over 15+ NDC airlines we already support in our platform.

AirGateway constantly works on bringing the most and best content to our platform while making NDC more accessible and usable to the travel industry using our ability to interact with legacy content providers (GDSs), mid/back-office systems, profile management tools, travel mobile app providers, etc.

Agencies that wish to get access to the Emirates NDC content via AirGateway can start the application process at the Emirates Partner Portal (www.emirates.partners).

In case you wish to have more information about our solutions:

For our Travel Agencies Desktop Solution please browse our Bookingpad Product Website.

For API partners onboarding please contact us at sales@airgateway.com

About Emirates

Emirates is one of the world’s largest international airlines with a global footprint across six continents. The airline operates one of the most modern and efficient aircraft fleet comprised of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft – connecting passengers and facilitating global trade to and through its modern hub, Dubai. With a culturally diverse workforce, Emirates caters to its global customer base by delivering exceptional services and world-class products. The airline also supports local communities worldwide and brings people together through its vast portfolio of international sports and cultural sponsorships. Since its inception, the airline has been recognized by more than 500 international awards for operational excellence, innovative services, and industry-leading products – making Emirates one of the world’s most recognized airline brands.