AirGateway partners up with IMT to bring NDC closer to Finnish travelers

AirGateway partners up with IMT to bring NDC closer to Finnish travelers

Today, Ikaalisten Matkatoimosto (IMT) and AirGateway announced a collaboration in terms of API integration, bringing aggregated NDC content closer to Finnish travelers and strengthening IMT’s position in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Thanks to this connection, IMT which takes pride in boldly developing its operations with a view to the future, will be able to bring to their customers better access to relevant NDC content of major airlines operating in Scandinavia, Baltics, and Europe, such as Finnair, as well as low-cost content through AirGateway’s Provider partners.

Esa Talonen, CEO of IMT said: 

It is our strategic goal to be one of the top players in digital services in travel markets. We are constantly looking to have new ways to serve our customers better. Airgateway is a change-maker in air ticket distribution and NDC content. We are looking forward to having strong relationships and good partnerships with them.

Jorge Díaz, CEO of AirGateway added:

We are very glad to announce this collaboration with a modern, tech-based, and forward-thinking agency like IMT, to whom we will bring an easy-landing and productive development in the NDC-based distribution arena. We’re very excited about the launch of this integration.

This collaboration adds to a range of partners making use of AirGateway’s platform bringing its broad NDC content offering to technology-leading partners like IMT.

About AirGateway

AirGateway is a Berlin-based travel tech company and one of the leading IATA NDC (New Distribution Capability) aggregators. It is directly connected to more than 25 airlines, serving over 200 IATA-accredited agencies in more than 15 countries, both via API and an end-to-end Agent Desktop solution Bookingpad. AirGateway’s open platform also allows other partners such as booking tools, travel mobile app providers, traveler profile management tools, reporting tools or mid/back office systems to participate in the NDC value proposition, facilitating the easy transition of all its legacy processes to the agencies. Consolidators, TMCs, or OTAs looking for a reliable

NDC partner and guidance can contact:

About Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto

Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto is a Finnish, family owned company, operating since 1991, which plans, manufactures, sells and implements all their trips themselves, developing extensive expertise that ensures the success of the trips. IMT’s travel range targets more than 20 European countries and offers daily departures to all the most popular European tourist cities such as Dubrovnik in Croatia and Naples, Amalfi Coast and the Apulia region in Italy. Their trips range from cruises and a two-day trip to Tallinn to week-long Baltic spa trips and European tours. Every year IMT takes 125,000 Finns abroad, bringing them access to quality services on ships, flights and accommodation, emphasizing the best possible price-quality ratio.

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