AirBaltic content integrated into AirGateway platform
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AirBaltic content integrated into AirGateway platform

AirGateway is thrilled to announce the integration of AirBaltic's NDC content and offerings into the AirGateway NDC platform. This collaboration allows AirBaltic to join the extensive list of NDC airlines available through AirGateway's API and Agent Desktop solution, BookingPad.

For AirGateway, a platform that provides real-time aggregated shopping for over 27 NDC airlines and comprehensive servicing capabilities through a unified API/Agent Desktop, this marks a significant milestone. The addition of AirBaltic further enriches the content available for agencies especially in the Scandinavia and the Baltics, adding to Finnair and other major airlines highly relevant for the region such as Lufthansa Group, reinforcing AirGateway's commitment to offering the most extensive range of NDC content.

Jorge Díaz, CEO of AirGateway, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with AirBaltic:

AirBaltic is a key airline in a very important region for us the Baltic countries, where we are growing our customer base relevantly in the last couple of years. We are glad to take their NDC content to our network of sellers and we expect this collaboration to last for many years.

Both AirGateway's aggregated API and the Agent Desktop solution, Bookingpad, provide a seamless experience for shopping, booking, and servicing flights and ancillaries. These actions, including voiding, cancelations and refunds, rebooking, and airline disruption management, can be performed on a single screen with instant confirmation from the airline's NDC system. Beyond direct NDC content, AirGateway facilitates access to aggregated and consolidated content through its network of partners.

With its Mid/Back-office handoff approach, AirGateway's solutions seamlessly integrate with all established downstream processes of an agency, facilitating a simple and straightforward transition towards NDC. This ensures that agencies can embrace the benefits of NDC without disrupting their existing workflows.

About AirGateway

AirGateway is a Berlin-based travel tech company and one of the leading IATA NDC (New Distribution Capability) aggregators. It is directly connected to more than 25 airlines, serving more than 200 IATA-accredited agencies in more than 35 countries both via API and an end-to-end Agent Desktop solution.

The AirGateway open platform also allows other partners such as booking tools, travel mobile app providers, traveler profile management tools, reporting tools or mid/back office systems to participate in the NDC value proposition, facilitating easy transition of all its legacy processes to the agencies.

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