About Us

Our Story

  1. AirGateway was founded

    We are building our NDC Gateway, a full NDC-compliant real-time aggregation technology.

  2. Connected to BA and IB (IAG Group)

    We have added British Airways and Iberia NDC APIs (IAG group) to our Airlines portfolio.

  3. AirGateway selected to exhibit in the Travel Technology Europe Launchpad

    We have been selected as launchpad exhibitors in the most popular event in Europe introducing disrupting technologies for the travel industry.

  4. AirGateway inks agreement with SITA to collaborate on creating NDC-related products

    We have partnered with SITA to create a family of NDC products for the airline industry.

  5. Lufthansa Group added to our NDC aggregation platform

    Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, and Brussels Airlines are now among the available Airlines in our NDC platform for travel agents to connect to.

  6. AA NDC content added to our NDC aggregation platform

    American Airlines is now available on our NDC platform.

  7. PCI DSS Certified by TüV

    We have been recently granted the PCI/DSS certification by the German certification authority TÜV.

  8. AirGateway backed by Germany's largest VC High-Tech Gründerfonds

    AirGateway raised its seed round to advance its product portfolio and operations.

  9. UA content added to our NDC aggregation platform

    AirGateway aggregation platform now also offers the content of United Airlines.

  10. AirGateway granted with the IATA NDC Certification Level 4

    AirGateway has been granted with IATA NDC Certification Level 4 as an aggregator due to the dual API and Agent Desktop capabilities.

  11. AirGateway launches BookingPad, its agent desktop solution for NDC content.

    The solution allows travel agents to get access to all the NDC contents and features from all the enabled airlines in our aggregation platform.

  12. AirGateway gets its first TMC agreement in the UK

    AirGateway provides Fello Travel with access to NDC Content from 15 carriers.

  13. Midoco Umbrella integration

    Using this partnership BookingPad users can now seamlessly access their GDS profiles in BookingPad.

  14. SQ added to our NDC aggregation platform

    Expanding our footprint in the APAC region by adding the content of a major carrier - Singapore Airlines.

  15. Successfully completed the technical integration with mTrip

    Our customer agencies are now being offered access to a streamlined onboarding and traveler management experience.

  16. The Advantage Travel Partnership Partners With AirGateway

    Thanks to this this partnership, the members of ATP are provided with complimentary NDC ​access to additional airline content.

  17. Hahn Air NDC content now available through our NDC platform

    The NDC content of German virtual carrier, Hahn Air has been added to the AirGateway platform.

  18. EK added into the AirGateway aggregation platform

    NDC content and offerings of Emirates have been added to the growing number of airlines that are supported by our travel distribution platform.

  19. Snowstorm integrates AirGateway API

    Users of Snowstorm's travel solutions can access content aggregated by AirGateway in their platforms.

  20. Lufthansa City Centre partners with AirGateway

    Lufthansa City Centre chooses AirGateway to be the preferred provider of NDC for its members.

  21. Surpassed 100 IATAs connected via AirGateway's platform

    We are now helping 100 IATA certified agencies access and service their NDC content in one platform.

  22. AF/KLM, QF, AY and AV added in the past 3 months

    Continuously worked on adding more content (by AirFrance/KLM, Qantas, Finnair and Avianca) into the AirGateway NDC platform.

  23. Travel Compositor partners with AirGateway to bring NDC closer to its customers

    Users of this platform can now access and book their NDC content aggregated by AirGateway.

  24. eGlobalfares and Skytool integrate aggregated NDC content by AirGateway

    Shop, Book, Issue, and Service NDC content aggregated by AirGateway in the eGlobalfares and Skytool platforms.

  25. AirGateway selected among only 3 aggregators for the pilot launch of SAS NDC

    Trusted by established providers, AirGateway is now one of the leading companies helping carriers with their NDC transformation.

  26. Ikaalisten Matkatoimosto integrates AirGateway API

    Thanks to this collaboration, IMT is bringing aggregated NDC content closer to Scandinavian and Baltic travelers.

  27. CM, HA added in the past 4 months

    By adding Copa Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines - AirGateway now aggregates the most extensive offer of NDC content of the carriers from Americas on the market.

  28. Beroni OBT Integrates AirGateway API

    The Spanish provider of online booking services gains access to NDC content aggregated by AirGateway.

  29. Trevolution Group partners with AirGateway to integrate its API

    AirGateway enables Trevolution Group access to aggregated NDC content of 25+ major NDC airlines with estimated 180,000 bookings being made within the first years alone.

  30. Consolidated content by AERTiCKET now accessible in AirGateway solutions

    Agencies can now access GDS content consolidated by AERTiCKET in the AirGateway platform.