AirGateway is founded

AirGateway has been legally established today with the main goal of bringing a new way to access to the Air-travel distribution industry, leaving behind the old-fashioned and at many levels inefficient GDS aggregation model.

We are born with the focus on creating a solid and real alternative to the GDS-based aggregation with brings transparency and modernity to the industry in its ground level. To build this alternative model we will take full-advantage of the opportunity offered by IATA’s NDC Standard (New Distribution Capability). During the next months, we will be working on building the only NDC aggregation technology which enables full-NDC (from provider to consumer) real-time aggregation. This approach is specially designed for existing agents in the industry (OTAs, TMCs and consolidators) that want to take advantage of NDC sin its early days.

We will be happy to explain in depth how we can help you to adopt the NDC era with the least integration and development times and efforts. That’s our reason to be.