TravelLoop and AirGateway sign strategic alliance for the commercialisation of NDC in the corporate segment

Madrid / Berlin 01.10.2019

Travel Loop’s penetration of the Spanish and Portuguese corporate segment, with its SBT Pursuit VNEXT tools, has made possible this alliance with AirGateway.

The strategic alliance will result in a joint offer that will allow both companies to strengthen their position in the market by obtaining a bilateral use of synergies and being more competitive by transferring all their GDS, LOW COST and NDC air content to their customers in very advantageous conditions.

Travel Loop integrates in its technological platforms Pursuit VNEXT and TMS (Travel Manager System), the NDC content of 22 airlines which will continually grow as AirGateway develops more integrations.

“The alliance we have reached with AirGateway will generate synergies that will result in mutual benefit, offering users a single access to the entire portfolio of aerial options, with a really differential and very advantageous content, an aspect that is key in qualitative markets. In general, the alliance allows us to join forces favouring a better positioning in an increasingly personalised, dynamic, and specialised corporate environment” said Javier Conte, BPM of Travel Loop.

The CEO of AirGateway, Jorge Díaz, said that “this collaboration represents our first strategic partner in the Spanish-Portuguese market and will contribute to increasing the distribution of our NDC content in these regions for the corporate travel space, being this precisely our objective priority. ”